Our speed is unparalleled, with test results in as little as 2 hours as opposed to other methods that can take up to 2-3 days for results. Our unique protocols were designed and validated to be as quick as possible.

Molecular Analysis




Listeria, Listeria Monocytogenes


Listeria monocytogenes

E. Coli/Coliforms, STEC/EHEC

E. coli / Coliforms



Our portfolio of analysis is continuously expanding. We partner with customers to design and develop analysis for the detection of a broad range of environmental targets.

Sample Turn Around Time stopwatch

Sample Turn Around Time

Sample Turn Around Time stopwatch
Four hour stopwatch

On-Demand, On-Site Mobile Laboratory

At your request, our Mobile Testing Unit is capable of being to your site within hours. Each mobile lab is capable of processing more than 100 swabs per hour. We are navigating to the complexities of environmental hygiene monitoring. We can be there in response to the unexpected. Our Rapid Response service can yield results within 4 hours or less.

Mobile Laboratory Routes

Our On-Site, Routine Service offers an extraordinary value as compared to other third-party laboratory or in-house laboratories. Clients who commit to routine and frequent visits will save money, time, labor and will gain the situational awareness of knowing results that day.

Four hour stopwatch
Eight hour stopwatch
Sixteen hour stopwatch
Twenty-four hour stopwatch

Courier Routes

For lower sample volume projects that still have an urgent
turn-around time, we offer a courier service to and from
any of our laboratories. Our standard courier service will
have results reported the next day (<24 hours). However,
depending on the urgency, we can have a results report
within the same shift (<8 hours) or same day (<16 hours)
when requested in advance.

Insulated Return Mailer (IRM) Program

Same day stopwatch
Next day stopwatch

Our Insulated Return Mailer (IRM) Program is a convenient way to accomplish ongoing environmental monitoring. We provide everything needed to swab an environment in one comprehensive package.

IRMs are available in quantities of
5, 10, 20, and 30 swabs.

Each package contains the swabs, buffers and expression solution to sample the surface along with ice packs, insulated return box and sample submission forms. For your convenience, the IRM is assembled and customized once an order is placed, making swab identification easy with a simple sequential lot number associated with each kit.

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